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Petroleum Law ( Oil & Gas...

Petroleum Law ( Oil & Gas)

The Republic of Cameroon is richly blessed with a lot of natural deposits and accumulations within its soils and sub-soils. One of such deposits is hydrocarbon. Some have already been discovered and are under exploration and exploitation while others are yet to be discovered.

In order to promote petroleum operations throughout the national territory by laying down conditions for hydrocarbons prospection, exploration, exploitation and transportation, the State of Cameroon had to come out with a legal framework as well as with a fiscal/customs and exchange schedule of petroleum operation in order to determine the rights and obligations of parties relating to petroleum operations. This was enacted in Law No. 99/013 of December 22, 1999 instituting the Petroleum Code. Besides the above-mentioned law, we have Decree No 2000/465 to determine the conditions of implementation of the Petroleum Code. These are the main legal instruments that govern petroleum operations within the national territory.

However, there are a series of specific legislations with respect to the Petroleum Sector that cannot be presented here such as Decree number 2000/935 of 13 November 2000.

It is true that the State exercises sovereignty rights over the entire territory of Cameroon in all petroleum operations. However, it is open to all natural persons or legal entities either of Cameroonian nationality or of foreign nationality provided they are authorized to do so by the State in a manner which is consistent with the provisions of the Code.

With the recent uprising in the prices of fuel and other hydrocarbon products all over the world and the quest for supremacy and control over this product by developed countries, Cameroon has become a destination for investors to reckon with in the petroleum sector. With its huge deposit of hydrocarbons yet to be discovered and those already discovered, many developed countries have been motivated to venture in this sector.

With our wide knowledge and vast experience coupled with our technical know how in the petroleum world, we have assisted so many of our clients in this sector. They have all been satisfied because the expected results were attained. In fact this has brought us so many recommendations from satisfied clients.

We can readily assist from the prospection stage, passing through the exploration to the exploitation stage. We have well-seasoned and experienced lawyers who also assist in the drafting of concession contracts, acquisition of concessions, acquisition of licenses, acquisition of authorizations, drafting of lease agreements for the acquisition of buildings, lands and structures indispensible for the execution of the project.

Our Corporate Attorneys also assists in the incorporation of companies in line with the applicable texts, drafting of labour contracts and other related agreements, procurement of Work Permits and Residence Permits for expatriate workers, assistance in the obtention of visas in front of the various competent authorities and all other relevant procedures that may be necessary in the realisation of their projects.

We are also regularly instructed on disputes and dispute-related issues in the petroleum sector. We try to resolve individual and collective labour disputes and also advise on all labour-related matters.

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