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Human Rights Law

Human Rights Law

The Republic of Cameroon is a signatory to many international organisations on the protection of human rights to wit: the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  the African Union charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights etc . In this light, the Republic of Cameroon created by law No. 2004/016 of 22nd July 2014 a National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms which is an independent insitution of consultation, monitory, evaluation, dialogue, concerted action, promotion and protection in the domain of human rights. Our human rights Attorneys can handle all aspects of human rights violations such as freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of worship etc. Our Attorneys’ are readily  available to make sure that your dignity is respected and that your rights are not tampered with.

TAMFU & Co Law Firm Attorneys are courageous to denonce and defend any violations of human rights and freedoms.

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