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Environmental Law & Forest Exploitation

Forest exploitation is one of the major sectors which the economy of Cameroon depends after agriculture. The forest ecosystems of the Congo basin span across much of the Central African region with a surface area of about 700,000 square mile in six countries, they constitute the largest area of contiguous moist tropical forest left in the world and represent approximate one fifth of the world’s remaining closed canopy forest. Our legal team is ready to assist foreign investor who is interested in forest exploitation. It should be noted that forest exploitation in Cameroon  is govern by the forestry Code of 1994 as well as the 1995 decree laying down the procedure for implementation the forest systems. TAMFU & Co law firm is situated in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon which harbor the Douala international Seaport that facilitates the exportation of forest products. We assist our clients in obtaining permits for petroleum and mineral exploitation, as well as other Authorizations, consents, licenses, Approval and Registrations related thereto. Degradation and industrial Environmental, Environmental protection in all CEMAC states also preoccupy us .We obtain forest exploitation Licenses for companies and registration thereto

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