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Forestry Law

Forestry Law

Cameroon prides itself for being blessed with rich natural forests that contains many exploitable species of wood. The exploitation of forest in Cameroon is authorized by Law No. 94/01 regulating Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries and also by Decree No 95/531/PM of 23 August 1995 determining the conditions of implementation of forestry regulations.

Beside these texts, are numerous others with respect to forest exploitation of some species of wood.

The  above mentioned legislations encourages the protection of biodiversity and nature and also encourages rational exploitation of forest.

The above texts determine the different type of forests, the conditions of their exploitation and exportation.

Forest exploitation is subjected to authorization.

TAMFU & Co Law Firm assist its clients to obtain Forest Exploitation Permits, as well as export procedures.

We give general counselling to our client with respect to forestry.

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