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Banking & Finance Law

Banking & Finance Law

TAMFU & Co Law Firm has the experience in structuring and preparing complex banking and corporate finance transactions. Our lawyers pay attention to clients’ priorities and objectives and then provide general advisory in the course of thier business operations. Our ability to creative solutions, practical decisive advice and innovative answers to new and complex financial transactions are unbeatable.

TAMFU & Co Law Firm has represented various clients in the financial and legal advisory services, including national and international lending institutions, banks, Leasing companies, insurance companies, investment firms and other types of financial institutions. We have extensive experience in all types of banking and corporate finance transactions such as:

  • Secured and un secured Loans , Asset-based loans
  • Construction and project financing loans.
  • Debt advising, rescheduling, and recovery.
  • Sale and lease back agreements
  • Incorporation and procurement of banking licences
  • Foreign exchange contracts and regulations
  • Investment structures
  • Investigation of fraudulant bank transactions and money laundering
  • Negotiation at all stages of the banking process
  • Local and foreign currency equipments lease agreement

We equally particpate in dispute arising out of credit transactions on behalf of lenders or borrowers. Such disputes may relate to collections, guarantees, security assessment and realization, priority of claims, or the enforcement of rights in bankruptcy and receivership. The breadth of our background in litigation is an asset in negotiation equitable out-of-court settlements and, if necessary, effectively represent our clients at trail.

For any legal assistance and advice on banking or corporate finance transaction or more generalised guidance for day-to-day business operations, TAMFU & Co Law Firm’s clients benefit from its extensive experience and personalised service.

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