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Agricultual Business Law – AGRO Industry

Cameroon is considered as the ‘Food basket’ of Central Africa because of her large yields and harvest. she is capable of subsidizing neighbouring countries with all kind of food crops. Economically, Cameroon depends heavily on agriculture for its livelihood and as a result there exist innovation agricultural laws that govern this sector of the economy.
In the late 1980s,after a drastic decline  of the price of the perennial crop products (such as cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber banana, etc)  at the international market, allowed  by the devaluation of the local currency CFA, the government of Cameroon redefined its development priorities to include sustainable agriculture and the protection of natural resources.
In Cameroon there are still vast and virgin lands throughout the national territory available for large scale agriculture.  TAMFU & Co Law Firm has well-experienced lawyers in this field who can always put you in direct contact with the local population and the State for the negotiation of land and authorization to farm. We are experience legal professionals with farm and business backgrounds. We understand that the agribusiness distribution channel is a long road from seed, to sale, to table across the world. We have the skill, resources and legal knowledge to address the legal challenges at any stage of agric business distribution channel. We provide a wide range of legal services with the goal of helping our clients succeed. Our firm is ready to help clients indentify seize upon opportunities, while avoiding unnecessary and risky and liability. We can also assist in the recruitment of the local population as labourers in the farms, drafting of labour contracts and all other subsequent contracts, incorporation of companies, drafting of Lease Agreements and settling of disputes that may subsequently arise.

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