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Controversy over the death of ...

Controversy over the death of Monique Koumate and twins

Following the unfortunate incident, social media went wild with accusations that the women died due to the negligence of La Qunintinie hospital. The Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda in a press conference on Sunday clarified the situation noting that the 31 year old women who was seven months pregnant died before reaching the hospital.

“It’s very very difficult when a pregnant woman dies and Cameroon lost one pregnant woman on Saturday 12th March 2016. In fact this pregnant woman went to a public health facility on Friday, 11th March and that was her first consultation after seven months. She received the medical planning, then on Saturday 12th March, she died. We don’t know exactly where she died but at 8 am in the morning, the family arrived with her at the Nylon District Hospital and asked the doctor if he can carry out an operation to remove the foetus? The Doctor said no because it is not within the possibility of the district hospital.

After that the family continued with her to La Quintinie hospital. They arrived the emergency ward, and in the emergency that they were told that issues concerning pregnancy should be taken to the maternity.

At the maternity, the midwife and the major noticed that the woman had died since a long time ago and it’s not possible to continue to do anything and advised the family to conduct the pregnant woman to the mortuary.

At the mortuary, one personnel with another woman thought that it will not be possible again to save the foetus. At this stage, they went back again to the maternity word, but the maternity word, the midwife said that it is no possible because you cannot have the foetus alive when the mother is dead.

At this moment one personnel of the mortuary with one woman who accompanied this pregnant woman decided to open her stomach and remove the foetus.

It’s a horrible act and Cameroon is very very sad with this. I will inform you that the security forces continue to survey the midwife, the major, the woman and the personnel of the mortuary. I will say that, it is not a problem of negligence in the district hospital of Nylon or La Quantinie hospital in Douala.  This problem is terrible and together we continue to survey and we will have all aspects of this problem for the near future”.

Immediately after the incident the Attorney General of Douala ordered the arrest of midwife, the major, the woman carried out the operation and the personnel of the mortuary who are currently helping in investigations.

The Governor of the Littoral Region, Samual Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua held security meeting with officials of laquinitie hospital and placed the hospital under security surveillance.

Images taken during the operation has provoked mixed reactions on social media. In the meantime investigations are ongoing.

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