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Real Estate Law – Notary Public Services

Cameroon seeks to become a developed country by the year 2035 and real estate business is constantly evolving. TAMFU & Co Law Firm has Lawyers who are experts in the field of property law and real estate transactions. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a real estate property, refinancing yo...

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Human Rights Law

The Republic of Cameroon is a signatory to many international organisations on the protection of human rights to wit: the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  the African Union charter on Human and Peoples' Rights etc . In this light, the Republic of Cameroon created by law No. 2004...

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Excise and Trade

The Geographical location of Cameroon promotes international trade within the entire CEMAC ZONE. Cameroon is the gateway of many land locked countries like TCHAD, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GABON, EQUITORIA GUINEA, CONGO and the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. The Douala, Limbe, and  Kribi Internationa...

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Petroleum Law ( Oil & Gas)

The Republic of Cameroon is richly blessed with a lot of natural deposits and accumulations within its soils and sub-soils. One of such deposits is hydrocarbon. Some have already been discovered and are under exploration and exploitation while others are yet to be discovered. In order to promote ...

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Agricultual Business Law – AGRO Industry

Cameroon is considered as the 'Food basket' of Central Africa because of her large yields and harvest. she is capable of subsidizing neighbouring countries with all kind of food crops. Economically, Cameroon depends heavily on agriculture for its livelihood and as a result there exist innovation agr...

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Family Law

The MATRIMONIAL REGIME IN CAMEROON governs family law issues in Cameroon. In a contested family law case, most people understand that hiring a skilled attorney will provide an advantage. An Attorney can find asset or income the other party to hide, present arguments regarding child support and visit...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration Law

Cameroon has an arbitration centre to facilitate arbitration procedures and resolution of conflicts. GICAM (Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun) Arbitration Centre is a reference in the CEMAC sub-region. The Cameroon Chamber of Commerce also plays this role. Arbitration has become a necessity i...

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Contract Law & Public Contracts

The government of the Republic Cameroon is an important business partner for many foreigners. TAMFU & Co Law Firm assist the State’s business partners to comply with legal requirements needed for their partnership.We represent the State’s business partners at the signature of public contracts an...

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Mergers & Aquisitions

Our M&A Practice advises on transactions worldwide, offering clients the resources of a global firm, while maintaining an on –the-ground understanding of substantive legal matters, local markets and industry specific issues. Our firm’s M&A lawyers participate in transactions in virtually eve...

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Environmental Law & Forest Exploitation

Forest exploitation is one of the major sectors which the economy of Cameroon depends after agriculture. The forest ecosystems of the Congo basin span across much of the Central African region with a surface area of about 700,000 square mile in six countries, they constitute the largest area of cont...

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