Real Estate Law – Notary Public Services

Cameroon seeks to become a developed country by the year 2035 and real estate business is constantly evolving. TAMFU & Co Law Firm has Lawyers who are experts in the field of property law and real estate transactions. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a real estate property, refinancing your private or commercial real estate property, pla

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Human Rights Law

The Republic of Cameroon is a signatory to many international organisations on the protection of human rights to wit: the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  the African Union charter on Human and Peoples' Rights etc . In this light, the Republic of Cameroon created by law No. 2004/016 of 22nd July 2014 a National Commission on Hu

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Excise and Trade

The Geographical location of Cameroon promotes international trade within the entire CEMAC ZONE. Cameroon is the gateway of many land locked countries like TCHAD, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GABON, EQUITORIA GUINEA, CONGO and the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. The Douala, Limbe, and  Kribi International Seaport are the main ports of Imports and Export

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Petroleum Law ( Oil & Gas)

The Republic of Cameroon is richly blessed with a lot of natural deposits and accumulations within its soils and sub-soils. One of such deposits is hydrocarbon. Some have already been discovered and are under exploration and exploitation while others are yet to be discovered. In order to promote petroleum operations throughout the national terri

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Agricultual Business Law – AGRO Industry

Cameroon is considered as the 'Food basket' of Central Africa because of her large yields and harvest. she is capable of subsidizing neighbouring countries with all kind of food crops. Economically, Cameroon depends heavily on agriculture for its livelihood and as a result there exist innovation agricultural laws that govern this sector of the econ

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Family Law

The MATRIMONIAL REGIME IN CAMEROON governs family law issues in Cameroon. In a contested family law case, most people understand that hiring a skilled attorney will provide an advantage. An Attorney can find asset or income the other party to hide, present arguments regarding child support and visitation and even take the case to trial if settlemen

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